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    WebMD Health Heroes

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    WebMD Health Heroes

    Each year, WebMD celebrates people who are
    making a difference in America's health.
    For 2014, we're revamping the program to honor
    extraordinary Americans in five new categories –
    Philanthropist, Activist, Scientist, Prodigy and
    People's Choice.

    2013 Health Heroes

    Lee MOrgan

    Lee Morgan, DVM

    This veterinarian's love of working animals inspires him to donate supplies and services to police dogs, guide dogs, and draft horses, as well as use pioneering stem cell therapies to help pets regain their mobility.

    Bonnie Addario

    Barbi Haase

    With a double devotion to healthy food and saving money, this mother of six organized a produce distribution system for families throughout her region. Nearest and dearest to her heart: helping families who need help paying for food.

    Bonnie Stehr

    Manny Hernandez

    His foundation harnesses the power of social media to educate, empower, and engage people with diabetes around the world. It also raises money to help people with diabetes in underserved parts of the world.

    Richard and Debra Siravo

    Simone Bernstein

    This college student sets up sports clinics for children with autism across the country, helping them get fit, lose weight, and learn important skills. As if that's not enough, she also helps teens across the country find opportunities to volunteer in their own communities

    Tracy Milligan

    Tracy Milligan

    When she discovered that her school district discriminated against children with diabetes, Florida mother Tracy Milligan worked with the American Diabetes Association to change state law so that children with this disorder can attend any school they want.

    Emily Whitehead/Stephen Grupp, MD

    Emily Whitehead/Stephen Grupp, MD

    Emily Whitehead was close to death from leukemia when Dr. Stephen Grupp genetically engineered her own infection-fighting cells to fight her cancer cells. Now in remission, Emily, her family, and Dr. Grupp join forces and advocate for more funding for this promising treatment.

    WebMD's Gift

    Last year, WebMD awarded $2,500 to each Health Hero to be used for their foundation or project. Click on the tabs to find out how they plan to spend their prize.

    Lee Morgan, DVM

    Lee Morgan, DVM

    "I am giving half to the Fairfax Police Department to buy emergency kits for the dog handlers and half to Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue Foundation for basic expenses, including medicine and blankets."

    Lee Morgan, DVM

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    Awards Gala Coverage

    Health Heroes Honored

    Robin Roberts, co-anchor of ABC's Good Morning America, hosted WebMD's 2015 Health Hero awards in November in New York City.