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Is Aging Optional?

Think aches, pains, and weight gain are all just part of aging? WebMD guest expert, Henry Lodge, MD, says that 70% of "standard American aging" is under your control -- that you can make your body functionally younger with a few healthy lifestyle choices. And it’s never too late to start!

WebMD Community members agree. One woman says she feels younger now -- in her 70s -- than she did when she was in her 40s. How? She walks 3 days a week, avoids processed foods, and focuses more on her relationship with her husband.

Another Community member says that her arthritis affects how young she feels. But she’s determined to beat it. So she started a regular, joint-friendly swim routine.

And the idea is spreading! Other people in the Community also say they look to exercise as a way to boost their energy.

What’s your experience? Has staying active helped you feel younger?

Discussion led by Henry S. Lodge, MD Guest Expert
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