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    Best Exercise Routine to Stay in Shape?

    You don't have to hit the gym every day to be in good shape. WebMD guest expert Henry S. Lodge, MD, says mixing in all kinds of activities will help keep you healthy and feeling good.

    To be fit, try exercising for at least one hour, six days a week, says Lodge. He recommends: On two days, do light aerobics, like walking or riding a stationary bike while you read or watch TV. Two days a week, do heavy aerobics. That means walk or ride the bike a bit harder. And on the other days, do strength and balance training. That's when you might want to go to a gym for circuit training, or some Pilates or yoga classes may do the trick, he says.

    One WebMD Community member said this sounds like a good plan. This member takes walks and goes to the gym twice a week, but now is going to try the six-day program.

    What's yourexercise routine? Do you stick to it?

    Discussion led by Henry S. Lodge, MD Guest Expert
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