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    Making Healthy Changes

    Ready to start exercising? Don't start too slowly, says WebMD guest expert Henry S. Lodge, MD. Some people can gradually ease into new habits. But with exercise, it's best to jump into the deep end of the pool.

    That means checking in with your doctor, then making a commitment to exercise at least four days a week, says Lodge. The same goes with nutrition. Make some dramatic changes right away -- like giving up sweets -- so your habits shift and you notice a big difference.

    One WebMD Community member says he already feels energized after only a few days of a new diet and exercise plan. He walks, jumps rope, and stretches, and now eats a diet full of vegetables and whole grains.

    Have you recently started a new exercise routine or diet? Did you jump right in or do it gradually?

    Discussion led by Henry S. Lodge, MD Guest Expert
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