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The Good News About Low-Impact Aerobics

If someone has told you to stick to low-impact aerobics, don't worry that you're not getting a great workout. WebMD guest expert Henry S. Lodge, MD, says the good news is that all forms of aerobics give you the same benefits.

Many people like the stationary bike or elliptical machine. Others like the treadmill. If you have access to a pool, water aerobics is a great choice, too.

One WebMD community member says he is a fan of the elliptical machine. It offers a cardio workout, he says, and strengthens his knees. Another WebMD Community member says she adds ski poles to her daily walk. It increases her upper body strength and gives her stability on uneven terrain.

What's your favorite low-impact exercise?

Discussion led by Henry S. Lodge, MD Guest Expert
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