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    Don’t Eat That! What to Cut and What to Eat

    What's the recipe for good nutrition? It's pretty simple, says WebMD guest expert Henry S. Lodge, MD. Watch your saturated fats, starches, and sugar. Lodge says that too much of them can be bad for you. That means limiting red meat and dairy products to cut saturated fats. Try eating more chicken and fish, he says.

    But it's not all about what you should cut! Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are healthy choices. And stay away from -- or at least limit -- your starches, like breads and pastas, says Lodge.

    One WebMD Community member agrees. She says moving to a diet of basics has worked for her. After years without success, she's making progress toward her health goals.

    Another Community member says the advice is smart, but sometimes it can be hard to do the work it takes to eat smart every day.

    What's your experience? Have you made changes to your diet to be healthier?

    Discussion led by Henry S. Lodge, MD Guest Expert
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