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    When you become a caregiver, you'll need to tackle some money issues. There may be unexpected costs to giving your loved one the care he needs. And your own finances may be hurting if you left your job to take on your new role.

    Take this test to get a snapshot of your financial needs. Check numbers 1, 2, or 3 for each question on the list. Then get your score by adding up the numbers you selected.

    What is your loved one's money outlook?

    _____ (1) Has few if any financial assets

    _____ (2) Doesn't qualify for government assistance programs

    _____ (3) Is able to pay for needed support and care

    What is your money outlook?

    _____ (1) No money to give to your loved one's care

    _____ (2) Only a little money that will soon be used up

    _____ (3) Able to take on financial support of your loved one

    In the future, the financial situation for either you or your loved one is expected to:

    _____ (1) Get worse

    _____ (2) Remain stable

    _____ (3) Improve

    Can the decision to have in-home caregiving be reversed?

    _____ (1) No, it can't be reversed.

    _____ (2) It can't be easily reversed.

    _____ (3) It can be easily reversed.

    How long will the in-home caregiving last?

    _____ (1) It's expected to be long-term.

    _____ (2) The time period is uncertain.

    _____ (3) It's expected to be short-term.

    Are there legal issues for your loved one's care?

    _____ (1) There are complicating legal problems.

    _____ (2) There are a few minor legal problems.

    _____ (3) There are no legal problems.

    Do you or your loved one need to move to a new location?

    _____ (1) It's needed but not wanted by both you and your loved one.

    _____ (2) It's needed but not wanted by just one of you -- either you or your loved one.

    _____ (3) It's not needed, or if it is, it isn't a problem.

    Is your home big enough?

    _____ (1) It isn't big enough, doesn't have the right equipment for care, and renovation isn't possible or affordable.