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50+: Live Better, Longer

Health Quiz

Rate Your Hearing

Could You Have Hearing Loss?

Think you're too young to have hearing loss? Think again. More than 28 million Americans have hearing loss. Even former President Bill Clinton was fitted for a hearing aid in 1997 after he realized that the rallies, concerts, and music in his life had taken a toll on his hearing.

  1. Do people frequently comment on how loud you play the stereo and television?
  2. Do you often ask people to repeat themselves because their speech is unclear?
  3. Do you hear out of one ear better than the other?
  4. Do you have difficulty following conversations in loud, crowded places?
  5. Have you often been exposed to loud noise at work, or during social events like concerts?
  6. Do you often insert things — like cotton swabs — into your ears?
  7. Do you experience ringing in your ears frequently, or after exposure to loud noise?
  8. Does your family have a history of hearing loss in the elderly?

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