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    50+: Live Better, Longer

    Medical Reference Related to Healthy Seniors

    1. Older Adults: How to Avoid Falls at Home

      Falling is the most common cause of injuries among seniors. Here are tips to prevent falls in the home.

    2. 10 Questions to Ask About Nutrition and Aging

      Good nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy aging. Yet as we age, dietary requirements change. WebMD provides questions to ask your doctor about your nutritional needs.

    3. Nutrition for Seniors: A Caregiving Primer

      A caregiver's guide to key nutrients older people need -- and tips for helping them to eat healthy.

    4. Top 10 Preventive Care Tips at Ages 50+

      WebMD details the 10 most important screenings, exams, and vaccinations you need in your 50s and up, to stay healthy and on the move.

    5. Sarcopenia With Aging

      Sarcopenia is the gradual loss of muscle mass that can affect people in their 30s and beyond. Learn its symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatments.

    6. Common Complications After Surgery

      We all hope surgery goes smoothly, but sometimes the road to recovery has bumps. Find out what's most likely to happen afterward and how to speed up your healing.

    7. How to Talk a Family Member Into a Hearing Aid

      Persuading a loved one to wear hearing aids is sometimes difficult, but it’s often necessary for the health of the whole family. Experts offer up some tips to help convince your loved one to take the plunge.

    8. Sudden Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know

      If you rely only on its name, you probably don’t have the whole story on sudden hearing loss. We tell you what you need to know.

    9. Understanding Cochlear Implants

      Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices for people with severe or profound hearing loss. Get the facts on cochlear implants and how they work.

    10. All About Hearing Aids

      What kind of hearing aids are available? How do they work? Find tips and information on hearing aids and know your options.

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