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  1. Bit of Alcohol May Benefit Aging Brain

    Jan. 28, 2010 -- A drink or two a day may help older people stay mentally sharp, but moderation is the key, a new study finds. Researchers in Brazil asked people 60 and older about their use of alcohol and tested them for dementia and other age-related mental impairments. Study participants who were

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  2. New Airport Scanners: Radiation Risk Tiny

    Jan. 8, 2010 -- Air travelers going through whole-body scanners don't need to worry about radiation from the devices, according to the American College of Radiology. Two kinds of devices are being deployed: Millimeter wave technology uses low-level radio waves. Two radio antennas rotate around the b

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  3. Wealthy Areas Attract Assisted-Living Homes

    Jan. 5, 2010 -- Assisted-living facilities are more likely to be located in wealthier neighborhoods, according a new analysis published in Health Affairs.  Researchers compared the penetration of assisted-living facilities nationally with county data from 2007 on education, median household income a

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  4. Ginkgo Biloba Doesn't Slow Mental Decline

    Dec. 29, 2009 - The hot-selling herbal supplement ginkgo biloba doesn't slow age-related mental decline, a six-year clinical study shows. The study has already shown that ginkgo does not prevent dementia or Alzheimer's disease in the elderly. Now study leader Steven T. DeKosky, MD, and colleagues ha

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  5. Looking Young May Help You Live Longer

    Dec. 14, 2009 -- If you look young for your age, chances are you’ll live longer than if you’re haggard and appear worn out, new research indicates. A team of researchers led by Kaare Christensen, DMSc, from the University of Southern Demark studied photographs and data on 1,826 Danish twins aged 70

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  6. 1 in 3 Adults in U.S. Is a Caregiver

    Dec. 11, 2009 -- About one in three adults in the United States cares for a loved one who is elderly, sick, or has special needs. And two out of three unpaid caregivers are women, a new report finds. More often than not, caregivers are raising families and working outside the home in addition to car

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  7. Infections Are Common in ICUs

    Dec. 3, 2009 -- Half of patients treated in intensive care units around the globe have infections and more than two out of three are treated with antibiotics, according to a new study. The findings raise concerns about the effectiveness of efforts to reduce hospital-acquired infections worldwide, ex

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  8. Women's Secret to Longevity?

    Dec. 2, 2009 -- Sperm genes may shorten the lifespan of males compared to females, at least in animals, according to Japanese researchers. The researchers produced female mice by using genetic material from two mothers but no fathers -- and then found these mice, which they call bi-maternal or BM, l

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  9. Obesity Rise Trumps Smoking Decline

    Dec. 2, 2009 -- Over the next decade the health benefits achieved because fewer Americans are smoking will be more than overshadowed by the negative health effects of the unchecked rise in obesity, new research suggests. As a population, Americans are smoking less but weigh more than they have in ma

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  10. Boomers Doomed to Disability?

    Nov. 12, 2009 -- Baby boomers are entering their 60s just in time for a new trend: disability. One in five 60-somethings need help with basic daily activities -- up from 13% just a decade ago. Various disabilities are up 40% to 70% in 60- to 69-year-olds, UCLA researcher Teresa E. Seeman, PhD, and c

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