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News Related to Healthy Seniors

  1. Older People Get Brain Boost From Internet

    Oct. 19, 2009 -- Surfing the Internet may be the latest way to teach an old dog new tricks. A study shows older adults who learn to use the Internet to search for information experience a surge of activity in key decision-making and reasoning centers of the brain. "We found that for older people wit

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  2. Stay Healthy in Retirement With Work

    Oct. 16, 2009 -- People who continue to work after retirement have fewer diseases and fewer functional limitations than people who quit completely, a study shows. The study shows that "bridge employment" -- which researchers define as a part-time job or self-employment -- is in general good for heal

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  3. Hip Fractures on the Decline in U.S.

    Oct. 12, 2009 -- Hip fracture rates and deaths related to such injuries are decreasing in the U.S. among people aged 65 and older, a new study shows. Scientists reporting in the Oct. 14 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association say the reasons for the declining fracture and death rate

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  4. Vermont Tops List of Best Health Systems

    Oct. 8, 2009 -- As the debate over health reform rages on, Vermonters can rejoice: Their state has the best-performing health system in the nation. Meanwhile, states across the South and West are still struggling with high rates of uninsured residents, poor quality of health care, and wasteful spend

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  5. Convertibles Hazardous to Your Hearing?

    Oct. 6, 2009 -- Convertible lovers who take to the open road with the top down may be risking hearing damage, according to a new study out of the U.K. "If you are exposed for long periods above 85 decibels [of sound], you have the potential for hearing loss," says Philip Michael, MD, an ear-nose-thr

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  6. Vitamin D May Help Prevent Falls

    Oct. 2, 2009 -- Taking vitamin D supplements, at a dose of 700-1,000 international units per day, may make falling 19% less likely for people aged 65 and older. That news comes from a research review published online in BMJ, formerly called the British Medical Journal. The review is based on eight s

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  7. Study: ER Patients Wait Too Long for Care

    Oct. 2, 2009 -- Even the sickest patients treated in hospital emergency departments across the U.S. routinely wait longer than they should for medical care, new research suggests. Just 14% of hospitals met their own target time frame for treating very sick patients at least 90% of the time. And slig

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  8. Living to 100 to Become Common?

    Oct. 1, 2009 -- Reaching the age of 100 may become pretty ordinary for most babies born in rich countries since 2000, according to a new report. "If the pace of increase in life expectancy in developed countries over the past two centuries continues through the 21st century, most babies born since 2

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  9. Too-Thin Thighs Unhealthy?

    Sept. 4, 2009 -- Having thighs that are too skinny may be a sign of increased risk of death or heart disease, a Danish study shows. The study, published online in BMJ (formerly called the British Medical Journal), tracked thigh circumference and a host of other traits in more than 2,700 Danish men a

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  10. Too Much Radiation From Medical Imaging?

    Aug. 26, 2009 -- As many as 4 million adults in the U.S. under the age of 65 are being exposed to high, potentially cancer-causing levels of radiation from medical imaging tests of unproven value, according to a new government-funded study. Analysis of insurance claims for close to 1 million non-eld

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