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    50+: Live Better, Longer

    Quizzes Related to Healthy Seniors

    1. Quiz: How Is Your Memory Holding Up?

      Memory Quiz: Take this quiz to find out how we remember and why we forget.

    2. The Health Benefits of Friendship

      Friendship has benefits that go far beyond the social ones. Do you know what else your friends do for you?

    3. Quiz: Our Bodies As We Age

      Do you know what to expect as you age? Take this quiz to find out how your body changes and to prepare for what’s ahead.

    4. Quiz: Is Your Sex Life Aging Well?

      Take this quiz to see how much you know about aging and sexual activity.

    5. Healthy Retirement Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Fitness, Sex, and Going Back to Work!

      Is retirement in your near future? Take this quiz to learn how to stay healthy in your golden years.

    6. How Much Do You Know About Weight and Aging?

      It's true: It does get harder to keep your weight steady as you get older. But it's not just about what you eat. Take this quiz to see how much you know about weight and aging.

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