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Caregiver Support Schedule

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The following list indicates a range of care that may be needed by your loved one. Caregiving responsibilities may be too big to be managed by only one primary caregiver. This list of activities is provided to help you determine your loved ones' needs and to discuss as a family how those needs can best be met -- without draining the primary caregiver.

Things to Do Time Required Who Can Help?/How Often?
Changing bed linen    
Giving a bath    
Turning & repositioning    
Getting to the shower or tub    
Meeting bathroom needs    
Dressing & grooming    
Feeding breakfast    
Feeding lunch    
Feeding dinner    
Preparing meals & snacks    
Providing wound care/exercises/therapy/other nursing care    
Giving medications    
Doing laundry    
Shopping for food or other essentials    
Getting patient to the doctor    
Finding information about legal and/or financial issues    
Writing checks/managing finances    
Finding information about community resources and support services    
Caring for house    
Caring for yard    
Caring for automobile    
Caring for other family members    
Time out for religious or social occasions    
Other situation-specific needs/commitments:


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