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    50+: Live Better, Longer

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    1. How to Outsmart Father Time

      We all get older, but you can do a few things to help you look and feel younger.

    2. Slideshow: Top Causes of Severe Hearing Loss

      Fireworks, loud music, medication? See what can cause permanent damage or hearing loss. Plus, tips on preventing tinnitus and protecting your ears.

    3. Slideshow: Live Well Over 50

      Looking for ways to keep fit -- mentally and physically -- as you age? Here are some tips for exercising smarter, eating better, and enjoying life after 50.

    4. 14 Things No One Tells You About Aging

      Think you know what it’ll be like to get older? Check out these surprising facts about your golden years.

    5. Slideshow: Sneaky Depression Triggers as You Age

      From too little vitamin B12 to too much time alone, a look at surprising causes of depression in midlife and beyond -- and how to beat it.

    6. Tips to Get Ready for Surgery

      See pre-surgery steps to take now to cut complication risks and help healing. Learn how to be ready for your procedure and ease your recovery.

    7. Slideshow: Most Expensive Medical Conditions

      This WebMD slideshow illustrates the most expensive medical conditions in the U.S., including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and pregnancy/childbirth.

    8. Slideshow: Get the Protein You Need

      Get protein to stay strong! WebMD shows you high-protein foods that can be part of a well-rounded, healthy diet.

    9. Slideshow: 14 Ways to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

      Pets, music, pill organizers, and webcams top WebMD's list of 14 ways to make caregiving a little easier -- and avoid caregiver burnout. Pictures show each tip in a glance.

    10. Slideshow: Protecting Your Health in a Rough Economy

      Worried about losing your health insurance? Laid off? See 10-plus ways to protect your health care and health in a rough economy -- from WebMD.

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