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    Healthy Eating: Eating Less Sodium

    Part of healthy eating is eating less sodium, or salt.

    Does this sound hard?

    It doesn't have to be, but you do have to think about it. You need to do more than just not use the salt shaker. After all, almost all foods contain sodium naturally or as an ingredient.

    You can start reducing the sodium in your diet by:

    • Reading labels to see how much sodium foods contain.
    • Limiting packaged foods and restaurant foods, which typically are high in sodium.
    • Not adding salt to your food during cooking or at the table.
    • Using low-sodium spices and sauces to add flavor to your food. Low-sodium foods can still be tasty!

    how.gif  How can you reduce the amount of sodium you eat?

    ByHealthwise Staff
    Primary Medical ReviewerKathleen Romito, MD - Family Medicine
    Specialist Medical ReviewerRhonda O'Brien, MS, RD, CDE - Certified Diabetes Educator

    Current as ofNovember 14, 2014

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