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    Heart Failure Health Center

    Medical Reference Related to Heart Failure

    1. Heart Failure Resources

      Need to know where to turn for help and information about heart failure? Look no further.

    2. Heart Failure Treatment by Stage

      WebMD explains the Stages of Heart Failure, including lifestyle and treatment guidelines.

    3. Heart Failure and the LVAD

      A left ventricular assist device -- also called an LVAD -- can help a heart weakened by heart failure.

    4. Heart Failure Medication Guidelines

      WebMD provides guidelines for taking your heart medication whether you're at home or on the road.

    5. Living With Heart Failure

      WebMD gives your tips for living with heart failure and the lifestyle changes that go with it.

    6. Edema Overview

      "Edema" is a fancy word for swelling. Many medical conditions can cause it.

    7. Heart Failure and the Echocardiogram

      Learn more about echocardiograms and how they're used in the diagnosis of heart failure.

    8. Heart Failure and Blood Vessel Dilators

      Get information on blood vessel dilators, also called vasodilators, including how the drugs can help treat heart failure.

    9. Heart Failure Exercise Log

      An exercise log for people with heart failure. Check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

    10. Healthy Eating: Eating Less Sodium

      When you have heart failure, you need to eat less sodium, which is a component of salt. You will feel better and will lower your risk of being hospitalized by following the suggestions in this Actionset.Key pointsYour doctor may limit your sodium intake to less than per day.Keeping track of your sodium intake is the surest way of evaluating your diet.Processed foods and restaurant foods typically

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