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    Heart Failure Health Center

    Medical Reference Related to Heart Failure

    1. Why Are My Lungs Congested?

      Find out some of the reasons your chest may feel heavy or tight, including heart failure, pneumonia, COPD, and asthma.

    2. Understanding Heart Failure -- Diagnosis and Treatment

      WebMD's guide to the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure.

    3. Heart Failure and Beta-Blockers

      Beta-blockers are drugs that improve the heart's ability to relax. Learn how this medication is used to treat heart failure.

    4. Heart Failure Treatment

      Learn about treatments for heart failure, along with lifestyle changes to manage the condition.

    5. A Glossary of Heart Failure Terms

      Become informed of important heart failure terminology.

    6. Understanding Heart Failure -- Symptoms

      Learn about the symptoms of heart failure from the experts at WebMD.

    7. Understanding Heart Failure -- the Basics

      WebMD experts provide the basics on heart failure.

    8. Understanding Heart Failure -- Prevention

      Learn about preventing heart failure from the experts at WebMD.

    9. Heart Failure Medication Guidelines

      WebMD provides guidelines for taking your heart medication whether you're at home or on the road.

    10. Heart Failure Treatment by Stage

      WebMD explains the Stages of Heart Failure, including lifestyle and treatment guidelines.

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