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Heart Failure Health Center

Medical Reference Related to Heart Failure

  1. Heart Failure and Biventricular Pacemakers

    WebMD explains when and how a biventricular pacemaker is used as a treatment for heart failure.

  2. Heart Failure and the BNP Blood Test

    WebMD explains how the BNP blood test is used to detect heart failure and worsening heart failure.

  3. Heart Failure and Your Heart Rate

    WebMD explains how to monitor your heart rate and stay within your target heart rate zone.

  4. Heart Failure and Stress Management

    WebMD offers tips for heart patients on managing everyday stress.

  5. Heart Failure Treatment

    Today there are more options available to treat heart failure than ever before. Learn more about them including lifestyle changes for managing this condition.

  6. Heart Failure Symptoms

    Some common symptoms of heart failure may surprise you. Find out more.

  7. Heart Failure and Heart Pump Medication

    WebMD looks at how heart pump medication -- also called inotropic therapy -- can be used in people with heart failure.

  8. Diet and Heart Failure

    For people with heart failure, a healthy diet is important. WebMD offers these tips.

  9. Heart Failure and Calcium Channel Blockers

    WebMD gives information on when calcium channel blockers are used to treat heart failure.

  10. Treating Heart Failure With Aldactone

    Learn how the diuretic aldactone can be used to treat heart failure.

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