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Heart Failure - Living With Heart Failure

You can feel better when you have heart failure by taking your medicines as directed, having a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding things that make heart failure worse. Know what things you can do every day to stay healthy, what symptoms to watch for, and when to call a doctor.

Quick Tips: Self-Care for Heart Failure

Taking medicines

  • Take your medicines as directed. If you don't, your heart failure may get worse, or you may get sudden heart failure.
    actionset.gif Heart Failure: Taking Medicines Properly
  • Try to avoid medicines that can make your heart failure worse. Before taking any new medicine, ask your doctor or a pharmacist if it's safe to take it with your heart failure medicines.
    actionset.gif Heart Failure: Avoiding Medicines That Make Symptoms Worse
  • Take a low-dose aspirin every day if your doctor advises it to prevent a stroke or heart attack. But higher doses of aspirin may make your heart failure worse. So talk to your doctor first about how much to take.

Having a healthy lifestyle

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