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    1. Carotid Artery Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Tests, and Treatment

      WebMD explains carotid artery disease, including the symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment.

    2. Pericardial Effusion

      WebMD discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment of pericardial effusion -- an abnormal amount of fluid between the heart and the sac surrounding the heart.

    3. Cardiac Stents Overview

      WebMD provides information about heart stents, why they’re used, and what types are available.

    4. Heart Disease and Stroke

      Learn more from WebMD about stroke, including causes, types, risk factors, and symptoms.

    5. Heart Disease and the Head-Up Tilt Table Test

      The head-up tilt table test diagnoses the cause of fainting spells. WebMD explains the procedure.

    6. Heart Attacks and Heart Disease

      What happens before a heart attack? Afterward? WebMD explains the causes of heart attacks, which affect 1 million Americans every year, along with symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and post-heart attack care.

    7. Safe Exercise for Someone With Heart Disease

      Exercise can be very important to improve the health of a patient with heart disease. WebMD gives tips on how to encourage safe exercise.

    8. How to Eat to Protect Your Heart

      Are you eating the wrong foods for heart health? Here's how to eat right to keep your heart going strong.

    9. Understanding Aneurysm: Symptoms

      Get the basics on symptoms of aneurysms from the experts at WebMD.

    10. Understanding Heart Attack: The Basics

      What exactly happens to trigger a heart attack? Learn more from WebMD about causes of heart attack and what to expect afterward.

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