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    Videos Related to Heart Disease

    1. Video: What Is Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)?

      Stay up to beat with AFib and learn how to manage your racing, fluttering heart.

    2. Teeny-Tiny Mini Pacemaker

      A surgery-free, mini pacemaker has been developed to help control irregular heartbeats.

    3. Healing Heart Failure

      How two men’s own stem cells may have helped them recover from heart failure.

    4. Video: 3 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

      A few lifestyle changes can help lower your bad cholesterol, and healthy reminders never hurt!

    5. How Safe is Niacin?

      Niacin helps control cholesterol, but is it safe? 

    6. Video: Warning Signs of Cardiac Arrest

      Four signs that could signal sudden cardiac arrest and why you shouldn’t ignore them.

    7. Video: What’s AFib?

      Get to the heart of the matter and find out what AFib is.

    8. Video: How Does Your Heart Pump Blood?

      Pump up your noggin and take a look at how your heart sends blood throughout your body.

    9. Diet or Exercise for Heart Health?

      Diet and exercise are both important for heart health, but which matters more?

    10. Women's Rising Rates of Heart Disease

      Blood pressure monitoring and cholesterol levels are important factors of a woman’s heart health.

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