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    Heart disease kills half a million American women each year. But most women still worry more about their husbands' hearts than their own. Do you know your key risk factors? Find out here.

    The Truth About Women and Heart Disease

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    Yes, it's more common than you may think. No, it's not inevitable. WebMD teamed up with experts at The Cleveland Clinic to bring you the latest on women and heart disease.

    Women and Heart Disease: Tracking Your Rising Risks Risk 1: The Cholesterol Connection
    Risk 2: Why Blood Pressure Matters
    Risk 3: Your Diet and Weight
    Risk 4: Neglected Physical Activity

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    As a woman, what are you doing to turn back the clock on your heart disease?

    Get advice from our experts.

    Heart-Healthy Living: Ask Dean Ornish, MD

    Tips on Healthy Cooking: Ask Elaine Magee, RD

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