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Reduce AFib Triggers: Bust Stress continued...

Practice relaxation exercises together. “There is some evidence that meditation and stress reduction may help to reduce the risk of a-fib,” Feld says. Yoga and tai chi are two easy, low-impact relaxation exercises that have been found to lower blood pressure and ease stress in general, which is good for everyone.

Manage your own stress. As a caregiver, you probably often put yourself last. Don’t try to handle all the stresses and problems of life with a chronic illness on your own. Ask for help. Join a caregivers’ support group. (A hospital or cardiologist’s office can probably help you find one.) When someone asks, “Is there anything I can do to help?” say, "Yes! Thank you." Give them a specific job to do, like shopping, washing your car, or coming over to spend the evening with you.

Remember: You cannot care for anyone if you don’t take good care of yourself!

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