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    1. Cholesterol Control: The Alternatives

      Doctors call it hypercholesterolemia, but most people know it as plain old high cholesterol. A soft, waxy material, cholesterol is a natural part of fats in the bloodstream and in all the body's cells. Too much cholesterol circulating in the blood can cause sticky deposits to form in the artery wall

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    2. Treating Hypertension 'Naturally'

      "Meditation, not medication," is the advice Robert Schneider, MD, gives when it comes to high blood pressure treatment. It's not his only advice, but it's right up there at the top of his list. Schneider, dean of the College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine at the Maharishi University of Management in Fa

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    3. Do You Know Your Cholesterol Numbers?

      Many studies show that people with high cholesterol levels should be treated with cholesterol-lowering drugs, but aren't. And guidelines published last year have lowered the mark even further, categorizing more people as having high cholesterol levels making them candidates for cholesterol-lowering

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    4. The Future of Your Heart Attack

      By Jim Atkinson ABOUT TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, I listened raptly to a group of young surgeons who were prophesying a time when hearts would be virtually bloodless. The most barbaric and common procedure at the time--open-heart, coronary-artery bypass grafting (CABG)--would become, they said, only slig

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    5. A Vacation Away Keeps the Doctor at Bay

      "Hurry up and relax." That could be the slogan for what a lot of Americans consider a vacation. But recent research and a growing cadre of experts suggest that the American penchant for all work and no play could be bad for your health. "We need to take vacations seriously," says Alan Muney, MD, exe

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    6. Shaking a Salt Habit

      Dec. 4, 2000 -- Chocolate doesn't tempt me. Sweets I can take or leave. But put a bowl of salty snacks in front of me and I'll polish them off in, well, two shakes of a saltshaker. So it was bad news indeed when my doctor, frowning at my latest blood pressure numbers, said he thought I ought to go e

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    7. Too Old for a Bypass?

      June 12, 2000 -- What could be worse than being told you need heart bypass surgery? Being turned down for the procedure because you're too old. While some surgeons weigh age more than others, conventional wisdom has been that patients over 80 don't fare as well as younger candidates when undergoing

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    8. The Truth About Vitamin E

      March 27, 2000 (Petaluma, Calif.) -- When Alice Nadler heard the latest on vitamin E, she began to wonder if the experts really know what they're talking about. "I've been taking vitamin E for a couple of years, ever since my doctor recommended it as a way to lower my risk of heart disease," says th

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    9. Facts About Cholesterol

      Is the cholesterol in egg yolks the "good" or "bad" kind? Can you "burn" cholesterol by exercising? Which has more cholesterol, a tablespoon of butter or a cup of peanut butter? Most people know that fat is bad for them, but two-thirds of Americans are confused about how cholesterol differs from fat

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    10. Hypertension diet - dash

      Learn about the DASH diet - Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. To lower blood pressure -- eat a healthy diet.

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