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    1. Caregiving After Surgery for Heart Failure

      If you are caring for someone with heart failure who has had heart surgery, these tips may help you help them recover and heal.

    2. Is It Heart Failure or a Heart Attack?

      Find out the differences in causes and symptoms of heart failure and a heart attack.

    3. Heart Disease and Aspirin Therapy

      WebMD looks at when and why aspirin therapy can be used to treat heart disease.

    4. What Is Intermittent Claudication?

      Do your legs hurt when you exercise? It could be intermittent claudication. Here's what you need to know.

    5. Heart Disease and Heart Attacks

      Learn what happens during a heart attack, including information about symptoms and treatment.

    6. Heart Attack Causes and Treatments

      WebMD explores the causes of heart attacks, along with treatments and tips for maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.

    7. Coronary Artery Disease

      WebMD's guide to coronary artery disease.

    8. Heart Health Tips

      Learn about the conditions that affect your heart and the habits that can help prevent or manage them.

    9. Understanding Heart Attack: Diagnosis and Treatment

      Learn more from WebMD about heart attacks, from diagnosis and treatment to long-term recovery.

    10. Understanding Cholesterol: Diagnosis and Treatment

      Learn about the diagnosis and treatment of cholesterol problems.

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