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Heart Disease Medications

Statins, aspirin, and more: Get the need-to-know facts about what medicine is doing to help your heart disease.

How-tos for Your Heart

12 Tips for Taking Heart Disease Medication

What to Do at the Pharmacy: 7 Tips

Heart Disease Drugs: Side Effects & Complications

Side Effects: How Well Do You Know Your Medication?
Heart disease drugs do wonders, from lowering blood pressure to keeping arteries clear. Yet most have side effects. Learn what to expect from your medication -- and which drugs and therapies may make side effects worse.
Avoiding Complications: Medicines to Avoid
Are over-the-counter drugs putting you at risk? Some seemingly simple remedies like ibuprofen, aspirin, or herbs can affect blood pressure, cause bleeding, and even damage kidneys. Stay safe: Learn which common drugs may cause problems -- and what alternatives can keep you safe.
Better Drugs: Boost Your Medication's Effectiveness
Want better-working heart disease drugs? You can have them. The key: lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and salt reduction. Each can give your heart a healthy boost, with one great side effect: helping your medication work better. These tips get you started.
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