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    1. How Safe is Niacin?

      Niacin helps control cholesterol, but is it safe? 

    2. Video: How Old Is Your Heart?

      Is your heart actually older than you? Learn how to keep your ticker in tip-top shape.

    3. Video: Warning Signs of Cardiac Arrest

      Four signs that could signal sudden cardiac arrest and why you shouldn’t ignore them.

    4. Video: What’s AFib?

      Get to the heart of the matter and find out what AFib is.

    5. Video: How Does Your Heart Pump Blood?

      Pump up your noggin and take a look at how your heart sends blood throughout your body.

    6. Shift Work: Not for the Faint of Heart

      Sandra Fryhofer, MD, talks about shift work and associated risks for heart attack and stroke.

    7. Healing Heart Failure

      How two men’s own stem cells may have helped them recover from heart failure.

    8. Video: How to Check Your Blood Pressure Step by Step

      Roll up your sleeve and slide on that blood pressure cuff. It’s important to check how well your heart pumps blood.

    9. Should I Have My Heart Tested?

      You can’t always tell when something is wrong. Find out why and when to have a heart exam.

    10. What Habits Can I Fit Into My Day?

      Learn how to make heart-healthy foods and workouts part of your daily routine.

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