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Avoid 6 Health Woes That Ruin a Date

Experts offer tips on preventing embarrassing problems that can derail a promising relationship.

Acne continued...

Treatments for chronic acne are often administered over a long-term basis. Topical retinoids (creams derived from vitamin A) work by normalizing the way the skin matures in the face, Crutchield explains. "With acne, skin cells don't mature properly, and they block the pores. It's like the old country buffet for bacteria," he notes. Antibiotics, both oral and topical, decrease the bacterial population.

Then there are newer-generation treatments. The Aramis laser directly targets the sebaceous glands, where the oily debris that causes pores to clog originates. Zeno, an electronic hand-held device, "zaps" acne with heat, killing the bacteria that cause it to thrive.

"In this day and age, there's no reason people should have to suffer from terrible acne," Crutchfield tells WebMD.


Imagine: your date reaches over to squeeze your hand and feels a rough, bumpy wart instead.

While some stubborn warts grow steadily for years, they can also develop overnight, Crutchfield notes. Unfortunately, they don't disappear as quickly as they may pop up.

"They're caused by a viral infection. And the only way to get rid [of a wart] is for your immune system to recognize and fight it," Crutchfield tells WebMD. Quick strategies -- like burning, freezing, and using a laser to get them off -- can be part, but not the whole, solution. Only when the immune system is activated against the warts will they be eliminated permanently, he explains. Crutchfield urges wart sufferers to work with a dermatologist to find the best, most comprehensive method of eradicating the ugly date busters.

Published May 15, 2006.


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