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Hepatitis Health Center

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There's a world of hepatitis C help, support, advice, and information out there. Access it through these links.

Finding Help

Need more? These organizations can help.

Share tips with people in the same boat you're in. This link takes you to the WebMD hepatitis C support group.

Facing a liver transplant? Learn from/share with others at WebMD's transplant support group.

Find a doctor who treats hepatitis C with the free WebMD physician finder. Just click here.


Here you'll find a list of other resources on hepatitis C.

Here are some links to hepatitis C-related information.

Click here to see where our hepatitis C information comes from.

These are the people responsible for the hepatitis C information in this guide.

Here are some interactive tools to help you make the right decisions about your hepatitis C treatment and care.

This link takes you to the CDC's hepatitis C web site.

This link takes you to the Dartmouth College C. Everett Koop Institute hepatitis C web site.

This link takes you to the National Institutes of Health hepatitis C web site.

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