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  1. Is Hepatitis Contagious?

    Learn how you catch hepatitis, how long the virus lives outside the body, and how long it takes for symptoms to show up after you've been infected.

  2. What Is Hepatitis C?

    WebMD looks at the cause, symptoms, and treatment of hepatitis C and how it can affect your health.

  3. Chronic Hepatitis C: The Basics

    WebMD explains the risk factors, symptoms, and treatments of chronic hepatitis C.

  4. Acetaminophen and Your Liver: What’s Safe?

    What you need to know about acetaminophen safety so you avoid overdoses that could cause liver damage.

  5. How Does Hepatitis C Lead to Liver Cancer?

    WebMD explains why some people with hepatitis C may get liver cancer, and what steps you can take to lower your chances of getting the disease.

  6. Understanding Hepatitis -- Symptoms

    WebMD experts explain the symptoms of hepatitis.

  7. Understanding Hepatitis -- Diagnosis and Treatment

    Find out if you're at risk of hepatitis and learn how it is diagnosed and treated from the experts at WebMD.

  8. Understanding Hepatitis -- Prevention

    Learn what you can do to prevent getting hepatitis from the experts at WebMD.

  9. Understanding Hepatitis -- the Basics

    WebMD experts explain the basics of hepatitis.

  10. Understanding Hepatitis C -- Diagnosis and Treatment

    Get information on how hepatitis C is diagnosed and treated from experts at WebMD.

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