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    1. Hepatitis C Guide - Exams and Tests

      Learn about exams and tests for hepatitis C.

    2. Hepatitis C Guide - Cause

      Learn more about hepatitis C and how it spreads.

    3. Hepatitis C Guide - Surgery

      If chronic hepatitis C damages your liver so severely that it no longer works well, you may need a liver transplant to extend your life.

    4. Hepatitis C Guide - Prevention

      There is no vaccine to prevent hepatitis C, but you can reduce your risk of becoming infected if:You do not share needles to inject drugs. If you are injecting drugs, the best way to protect yourself is by not sharing needles or other equipment (such as c

    5. Protect Yourself From Hepatitis A When Traveling - Home Treatment

      Read about steps you can take at home that may help you feel better both physically and emotionally if you have hepatitis C.

    6. Hepatitis C Guide - What Happens

      Read about how hepatitis C unfolds.

    7. Hepatitis C - Medications

      Read about medications used to treat hepatitis C.

    8. Hepatitis C Guide - What Increases Your Risk

      Learn about hepatitis C risk factors.

    9. Hepatitis C - Treatment Overview

      Being diagnosed with hepatitis C can change your life. You may feel angry or depressed about having to live with a long - term (chronic), serious disease. You may have a hard time knowing how to tell other people that you have the virus. It can be helpful

    10. Hepatitis C Guide - Health Tools

      An interactive tool to help with decisions about hepatitis C.

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