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  1. Living-Donor Transplants - The Gift of Life

    Feb. 6, 2002 -- Juanita Chavez and her sister Maria Elena were always very close. But until last year, neither could have imagined that one of them would give the other the gift of life by donating part of a major organ. At age 30, Juanita had been suffering from liver disease -- triggered by chroni

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  2. Race Influences Liver Transplants

    Jan. 25, 2002 -- Previous studies have shown that blacks fare worse than other groups after a kidney transplant. Now, researchers have shown the same holds true for liver transplantation. Apparently, blacks, as well as Asians, are significantly more likely than other races to experience organ reject

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  3. Hepatitis C Bad for Heart

    Jan. 11, 2002 -- People with hepatitis C infection risk heart disease, a Japanese study suggests. Many different kinds of infections seem to increase the risk of heart disease. Why this happens isn't clear. The whole issue is still controversial. University of Tokyo researcher Nobukazu Ishizaka, MD,

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  4. Hepatitis C Treatment Helps Damaged Livers Heal

    Nov. 12, 2001 -- Even if liver damage has set in, it's not too late to treat hepatitis C. Potent new forms of interferon can slow, stop, or even reverse the harm done by the hepatitis C virus. The findings come from a new look at more than 3,000 patients with liver damage caused by hepatitis C infec

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  5. Can We Really Wipe Out Hepatitis B?

    Nov. 5, 2001 -- New studies confirm that thousands of lives will be saved in the United States and around the world thanks to the vaccination of infants against hepatitis B virus. But many still will die needlessly from hepatitis B-related liver disease in the decades to come, experts say, because n

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  6. Hepatitis C a Growing Killer Among People With HIV

    Oct. 26, 2001 -- Liver disease is emerging as a leading killer of people with HIV because many are also infected with the liver-damaging hepatitis C virus. Newly available hepatitis C drugs offer the greatest promise yet for the prevention of liver damage and death. But treatment remains complicated

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  7. New Hepatitis C Combo Treatment Is a 'Cure' for Many

    Sept 20, 2001 -- Doctors are still using the word "cure" around the new combination therapy for hepatitis C infection. Results of the first major clinical trial of the combination are being published in the Sept. 22 issue of the medical journal The Lancet, but doctors already call it the treatment o

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  8. FDA Approves New Hepatitis C Combo Treatment

    Aug. 9, 2001 (Washington) -- The 4 million hepatitis C patients in the U.S. now have another weapon in their arsenal to combat the liver-attacking disease. The FDA recently approved the combination of two drugs that are already available by themselves as treatments for hepatitis C: PEG-Intron and Re

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  9. New Test Will Make Hepatitis C Diagnosis Easier

    July 9, 2001 -- The FDA has approved a new high-tech test aimed at making it easier to diagnose the virus that is the No. 1 cause of liver transplants in the U.S. Makers of the new test say that it can pinpoint those who are most likely to develop life-threatening complications of hepatitis C. Publi

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  10. Second New Interferon Drug Combo Cures Hepatitis C

    May 22, 2001 (Atlanta) -- Cure is not a word used lightly by doctors, researchers, or patients. But here at the Digestive Disease Week conference, the word is being used in connection with two combination therapies for hepatitis C. Last fall, there was a report that a more active, once-weekly form o

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