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  1. Patient's Genes May Impact Hepatitis C Outcomes

    Dec. 17, 1999 (Indianapolis) -- It has long been known that the outcome of an infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) can vary greatly among individuals. A report in the Dec. 18 issue of the journal The Lancet indicates that a patient's genetic factors may explain much of this variability. "Infec

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  2. Protect Young Athletes From HIV and Hepatitis -- But Don't Exclude Infected Students From Sports

    Dec. 7, 1999 (Atlanta) -- Student athletes and their coaches should take special steps to protect themselves from infection -- not just from HIV but also from Hepatitis B and C, which are more easily transmitted via exposure to infected blood, according to a statement issued by the American Academy

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  3. Experts Urge Screening of Veterans for Hepatitis C

    Nov. 11, 1999 (Dallas) -- Experts at the 50th Annual Meeting of American Association for Liver Disease reported that more and more veterans -- particularly Vietnam-era veterans -- will die as a result of infection with hepatitis C. Currently about 3.5 million veterans receive their medical care at V

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  4. Type of Hepatitis That Endangers Adults Rarely Harms Children

    Sept. 16, 1999 (Seattle) -- A form of hepatitis that often damages the livers of adults almost never causes problems among children who are infected, according to study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Scientists say the finding eventually could lead to new treatments for the 2.7 million Amer

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  5. Viral Hepatitis: 8 Self-Defense Tips for Travelers

  6. Protecting Others From Hepatitis C

  7. Hepatitis and Sex: Frequently Asked Questions

  8. Understanding Hepatitis: The Basics

  9. Viral Hepatitis: 8 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Family

    Hepatitis viruses can be transmitted easily, and often cause no symptoms at first. WebMD offers tips to help protect yourself and those you love from viral hepatitis.

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