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    1. HIV: Giving Support - Topic Overview

      Treatment for people with tuberculosis (TB) who also have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is nearly the same as for people who don't have HIV. But there are some important differences,including: 1 Checking to make sure that the TB medicines are not changing the effectiveness of the medicines used to treat the HIV infection. Continuing treatment for longer than 6 months. Treatment may go on ...

    2. Frequently Asked Questions About HIV/AIDS

      WebMD give you answers to frequently asked questions about HIV and AIDS.

    3. Questions to Ask Your Doctor About HIV/AIDS

      If you've recently been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, print out these questions, prepared by the experts at WebMD, to ask your health care provider at your next visit.

    4. Talking to Your Children About HIV and AIDS

      It may be uncomfortable, but it's important to talk to your children about HIV and AIDS. WebMD offers tips for starting the discussion.

    5. What to Do After Being Diagnosed As HIV-Positive

      Here are some steps to take when you learn that you are HIV-positive.

    6. HIV/AIDS Discrimination and Stigma

      Having HIV or AIDS can lead to discrimination and dealing with stigma. Learn how to cope.

    7. Finding an HIV/AIDS Doctor

      What you need to know about finding an HIV/AIDS doctor that is right for you.

    8. AIDS Wasting Syndrome

      AIDS wasting syndrome occurs when you have AIDS and lose at least 10% of your body weight -- especially muscle.

    9. HIV Medications

      WebMD provides a list of HIV medications used in the U.S.

    10. HIV: Giving Support - Topic Overview

      CD4+ cells are part of the immune system and are a type of white blood cell. White blood cells protect the body against infection. CD4+ cells are also called T-lymphocytes,T-cells,or T-helper cells. HIV invades and destroys CD4+ cells. But the body continues to produce new CD4+ cells to fight the HIV infection. If the infection is not treated with medications,the body gradually loses the ...

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