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  1. Foreskin Acts as AIDS Magnet

    Dec. 22, 2003 -- The foreskin of the penis is a magnet for HIV, British researchers report. Uncircumcised men are at higher risk of getting the AIDS virus during sex than men who have had their foreskins removed. The new findings offer an explanation. Elizabeth J. Soilleux, PhD, and Nicholas Coleman

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  2. Sustiva + Combivir First Choice for HIV

    Dec. 11, 2003 -- Now it's official. The best first-line treatment for HIV disease is a three-drug cocktail of Sustiva, Retrovir, and Epivir -- or Sustiva plus Combivir, which combines the other two drugs. The findings come from a long-awaited study. The results, published in two papers, appear in th

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  3. AIDS Drugs Boost Heart Attack Risk

    Nov. 19, 2003 -- There's little doubt that AIDS "cocktails" have led to increased survival for HIV-infected people. But a major new study shows these drugs may increase the risk of heart attack, even in relatively young survivors. A multinational team of researchers estimate that for each year patie

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  4. HIV Treatment Can Be Started Later

    Nov. 17, 2003 -- HIV treatment can be started later than thought, say researchers. But there are stipulations. A new study shows that HIV-infected adults who complied with the strict drug regimens of HIV treatment had similar survival rates, regardless of the state of their immune system at the star

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  5. First AIDS Vaccine Fails

    Nov. 12, 2003 -- Everyone hoped the first AIDS vaccine would hit a home run in large-scale tests. Instead, AIDSVAX struck out. Findings reported earlier this year showed it didn't work in North America or in Europe. Now results from Thailand show it didn't prevent HIV infection or slow progression o

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  6. Green Tea May Help in HIV Prevention

    Nov. 10, 2003 -- Green tea's rapidly expanding list of health benefits has just gotten longer. A new study suggests that the main ingredient in green tea may play a role in preventing HIV infection. Although merely drinking green tea won't provide enough of this ingredient to get this particular ant

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  7. New AIDS Drug Gets FDA Approval

    Oct. 21, 2003 -- Lexiva is the newest AIDS drug to get FDA approval. Lexiva (generic name, fosamprenavir) inhibits HIV, the AIDS virus. It's a member of the protease inhibitor class of anti-HIV drugs. Lexiva is a new form of an older drug called Agenerase (generic name, amprenavir). Agenerase wasn't

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  8. Circumcision Cuts HIV Risk

    Oct. 9, 2003 -- Circumcised men get eight times fewer HIV infections, a study of Indian men shows. But men without foreskins shouldn't stop using condoms, warns Johns Hopkins researcher Steven J. Reynolds, MD, MPH. "Condoms are still essential for HIV prevention," Reynolds tells WebMD. "You can't ta

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  9. Could Lymph Node Removal Slow HIV?

    Sept. 18, 2003 -- Early HIV infection is centered in just a few upper-body lymph nodes. The finding suggests a radical AIDS therapy: Surgery. The new discovery is surprising. And it's still unexplained. Two teams of researchers find that the focal points of early HIV infection are the lymph nodes on

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  10. Better AIDS Treatment but More Risky Sex

    Sept. 16, 2003 -- Advances in the treatment of AIDS have lulled many people -- HIV infected or not -- into a false sense of security, but there's a very real risk of danger. Two new studies published this month suggest that more people are engaging in unsafe sex and other behaviors, under the mistak

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