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    Blood Pressure and Women's Sex Drive

    Researchers Find High Blood Pressure May Be Linked to Sexual Dysfunction in Women

    Treatment: A Catch 22?

    While high blood pressurehigh blood pressure can result in sexual dysfunction, some medications used to treat high blood pressure can also cause problems with sexual function.

    In the study, women who took drugs to treat their high blood pressure, but did not reach their target goal were more likely to experience sexual dysfunction, compared with women who were not taking medication. However those women who had good control of their blood pressure through drugs were much less likely to experience sexual problems, the study showed.

    “This may be because doctors don’t use drugs that are known to have a positive effect on sexual function, but some newer drugs may have beneficial effects on female sexual dysfunction,” he says. And “if we can control blood pressure then we can have a benefit on female sexual dysfunction among other benefits,” Doumas says.

    Thomas D. Giles, MD, ASH president and a professor of medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, tells WebMD that he is not surprised by the new findings. “Most of the things that have to do with sexual function are neural and vascular in nature,” he says.

    “While many physicians will inquire about sexual function in men, they don’t pursue it in women,” Giles says. “Treatment of hypertensionhypertension will improve sexual function and patients will have a better quality of life.”

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