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Plan Ahead

The classic symptoms of Crohn’s disease -- persistent diarrhea, pain, and cramping -- can make you reluctant to stray far from home. That’s understandable early on when you're learning how your condition affects you. But don’t get into the habit of cutting yourself off from the rest of the world. Plan ahead. It can help give you a sense of security, so you can go about your daily routine as normally as possible.

Locate restrooms in public areas such as restaurants, shopping malls, highway rest areas, and anywhere you tend to go in your local area. This can help you keep a mental map of bathroom stops in mind when you're out and about.

Pack a travel kit that includes a spare set of underwear, toilet tissue, wipes, a couple of zip-top bags, and deodorizer. You may never need it, but just knowing it’s there if you do have an accident can help give you peace of mind.

Ask a trusted friend to be on-call to come get you, should you find yourself in a difficult situation.