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After a Diagnosis

There's lots to learn when you get the news. Get a step-by-step guide.

Avoid Flare-ups

Tips on how to keep your symptoms from coming back.

Treatment Choices

There are many ways to keep Crohn's in check. Learn your options.

Tips for Daily Life

Find out how to meet challenges at work and home.

Diet Strategies

Learn what to eat and what to avoid.

Health IQ

man clutching belly

Crohn's Facts

How much do you know about Crohn's? Test your knowledge.

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Adding supplement to drink

Calm Your Flares

From antibiotics to diet, see your options when symptoms return.



Managing Symptoms

See how to keep your Crohn's under control with medication and lifestyle changes.


Woman with crohns in pain

Overcome Setbacks

See how to treat joint pain and other problems linked to Crohn's.