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    Crohn's Disease: 54 Tips to Help You Manage

    With the right treatment, you can manage your Crohn's disease symptoms. These simple tips can help.

    Lifestyle Tips: Living Better When You Have Crohn's

    • Appetite a little low? Try eating small, frequent meals, instead of a few big ones.
    • When you enjoy a great restaurant meal without irritation or side effects, jot down which items you ordered.
    • Manage symptoms of Crohn's disease: enjoy a balanced diet and proper portion control.
    • Smoking can make Crohn's disease symptoms worse. Now is a good time to quit!
    • Feeling fatigued? Enjoy regular exercise, a healthy diet, and enough sleep. And talk to your doctor.
    • Taking antibiotics for Crohn's disease symptoms? Avoid alcohol, which can worsen some side effects.

    Diet and Nutrition for Crohn's Disease

    • Crohn's differs from person to person. Your diet needs to be tailored to suit your specific needs.
    • Weather warming up? With Crohn's you're at higher risk for dehydration. Get plenty of fluids.
    • Try keeping a food diary to track which foods trigger your symptoms.
    • Not tolerating fiber well? Some people with Crohn's disease benefit from a low-fiber diet.
    • Do you need supplements? Ask your doctor if you're absorbing enough calcium, folate, and vitamin B12.
    • Taking corticosteroids for Crohn's? There are side effects to watch for. Talk with your doctor.

    Emotionally Coping With Crohn's

    • Want to feel more in control? Knowledge is power. Learn as much as you can about Crohn's.
    • Chronic conditions like Crohn's disease can lead to depression. Reach out and get help if you need it.
    • Is someone you love coping with Crohn's? Lend a hand by lending an ear: Be a good listener.
    • You're not alone with Crohn's disease. Talking with others who share your condition can help.
    • Attending a Crohn's support group? Take your family so they can understand what you're going through.
    • Ask your doctor all about your medication, and do online research. You'll feel much more in control.

    Day-to-Day With Crohn's Disease

    • You may benefit from personalized diet tips when you have Crohn's. Talk to your doctor.
    • Trouble remembering your meds? Place your pills beside your toothbrush.
    • Inflammation of the small intestine and colon puts you at high risk for dehydration and diarrhea. You may need more fluids.
    • Is swallowing pills a problem? Ask your doctor if you can crush them over something tasty.
    • Don't want people to know you're taking medicine? Carry pills in a mint tin.
    • A journal can help you manage Crohn's and remember all the questions you have for your doctor.

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