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Surgery for Crohn’s Disease

Are there other times when surgery is used to treat Crohn's disease?

A person with Crohn's disease who has developed a fistula or an abscess may need surgery. Fistulas, the abnormal passageways, may first be treated with medication. But if drugs do not help the fistulas to close, then the patient will need a bowel resection (removal of the problem area) and anastomosis (reconnection of the normal bowel).

In order to heal an abscess, the pocket of infection usually must be drained. The patient will have a computed tomography (CT) scan to let the doctor locate the abscess. In some cases, the pus can be fully drained with a tube place through the skin. In many cases, however, surgery is needed to treat the abscess.


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Reviewed by William Blahd, MD on August 20, 2014

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