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Trigger Foods

Can avoiding certain foods help you avoid symptoms?

6 Benefits of Exercise

Feel better and stay healthy with the right kinds of exercise.

Staying Connected

UC doesn't have to get in the way of friendships or intimacy.

Give Yourself a Break

Stress can make UC symptoms worse. Take a moment to find some calm.

UC and Your Job

Your guide to talking about UC at work: who, when, and how.


Quick Easy Meal Recipe

This calming soup packs nutrients, calories, and flavor.

Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy

Most UC treatments are safe, but check with your doctor to be sure.

Making Motherhood Work

A flexible lifestyle and a positive attitude make being a mom with UC easier.


When Your UC Flares

Soothe your symptoms, including diarrhea, pain, and fatigue.


Diet Tips and Mistakes

Some foods can aggravate UC, but you can still get the nutrition you need.