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Supplement Your Diet

Having UC means you may be missing some key vitamins and minerals. Your doctor might recommend extra supplements with your prenatal vitamins.

  • If you're taking the drug sulfasalazine, you may need more folic acid than what’s already recommended for pregnant women.
  • Steroids can lower calcium levels, so you may need a calcium supplement with vitamin D.
  • You may need iron for anemia.

Maintain Healthy Weight Gain

Sometimes women with UC struggle to gain enough weight. That could mean low birth weight for your baby.

If you are at a healthy weight, you should put on 25 to 35 pounds by the end of your pregnancy. If you're underweight to start, you should aim for 28 to 40 pounds.

Sometimes five or six small meals a day are easier to handle than three big meals. Frequent smaller meals also help with pregnancy nausea and heartburn.

Your OB-GYN should let you know how you're doing with your weight. If you need help, talk to a dietitian about healthy calorie choices. Look for one who specializes in caring for people with chronic illnesses.

Be sure to keep up with your UC doctor during your pregnancy. It’s important to communicate with both doctors closely to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Also, you may need to be seen by an OB that specializes in high-risk pregnancies.