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    Types of Ulcerative Colitis - Topic Overview

    The severity of ulcerative colitis is determined by certain criteria.1Ulcerative colitis can be classified as mild, moderate, severe, or fulminant (very severe), which may guide treatment choices.

    People who have mildulcerative colitis may have:

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    People who have mild ulcerative colitis do not have fever, rapid heartbeat, or anemia.

    People who have moderate ulcerative colitis may have:

    • More than four stools a day.
    • Mild elevation in ESR.

    People who have severe ulcerative colitis may have:

    • More than six bloody stools a day (loose stools).
    • Fever, rapid heartbeat, and anemia.
    • An elevated ESR.

    People who have fulminant ulcerative colitis may have:

    • More than 10 stools a day (loose stools).
    • Constant bleeding from the rectum.
    • Fever, rapid heartbeat, and anemia.
    • Cramping belly pain and bloating.
    • An expanded colon (as seen on an X-ray).
    • A need for blood transfusions.

    Flare-ups can be so severe that they require hospitalization.

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