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    Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Infertility

    1. Could lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, or stress be affecting my fertility?
    2. Could my job or my partner's job be contributing to our problems?
    3. Are there any non-medical approaches, such as relaxation or meditation techniques, that could improve my chances of becoming pregnant?
    4. Is it important to proceed with an infertility evaluation now, or should we wait a while longer?
    5. What specific tests would you recommend to diagnose our infertility, and what do they cost?
    6. What are the treatment options for our suspected diagnosis, and what do they cost?
    7. How much of the cost of fertility treatments or testing does health insurance typically cover?
    8. What is the national success rate, in terms of live births, for each of these treatments?
    9. How many procedures of the type that you are recommending has this fertility clinic performed, and what is its success rate in terms of live births?
    10. Can you put us in touch with former patients who have undergone similar treatments?

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    Reviewed by Kecia Gaither, MD, MPH on September 20, 2015

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