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    1. The Fertility Diaries: Friends and Mothers

      By Gina Shaw 3 women, each trying to build a family, have been waiting on some important — and nerve-racking — developments. Will Jody's latest fertility treatment succeed? Will Carrie's labor go smoothly? Read about their latest challenges and triumphs. In this installment of the "Fertility Diaries

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    2. The Fertility Diaries: When a Friend Is Pregnant -- and You're Not

      By Gina Shaw After sharing the joys of new marriage, three friends looked forward to becoming first-time moms together. But they're learning that the road to parenthood can be more complicated — and more painful — than they'd ever imagined. Here, they share their journey of friendship and hope. Most

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    3. Fertility Diaries: They Dreamed of Motherhood Together

      By Gina Shaw As Jenny, Jody, and Carrie each face their own unique challenges, the friendship that has supported them on the path to becoming moms only grows stronger. For the past several months, REDBOOK has followed the lives of three friends from the Cleveland area on their moving journey through

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    4. The Fertility Diaries: 3 Friends, 3 Paths to Pregnancy

      By Gina Shaw This month, Jody copes with the stressful reality of reproductive treatments, Jenny faces her fear about the health of her baby, and a pregnant Carrie learns from her friends' struggles and losses. In the first installment of The Fertility Diaries, we met three friends from the Clevelan

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    5. New Trends in Infertility Treatment

      For one in eight couples in the U.S. plagued with fertility problems, getting pregnant is an elusive -- and frustrating -- dream. But if they seek medical help sooner rather than later, the outlook has never been brighter. Infertility treatments have improved, options have expanded, and doctors are

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    6. Infertility and Reproduction - Getting Pregnant: Ways to Improve Your Fertility

      For some couples fertility and getting pregnant are as easy as eating cake. For others, the world of reproductive technology becomes the only sure way to guarantee conception. In between, however, are a growing number of couples playing the fertility "waiting game." Some may not yet be ready to turn

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    7. Stressing Over Infertility

      While it may be a while before the pathway between stress and infertility is clear, what is known right now is that reducing stress levels seems to help. Some research in this area shows that, for many women, acupuncture could hold the key. In studies conducted in Germany and published in the journa

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    8. Stress and Infertility

      "You're just trying too hard." "You're too stressed. Just relax and it will happen." "You've got to calm down and let nature take its course." If you've been trying six months or more to get pregnant, you've probably lost count of the number of times well-meaning friends and family offered this or s

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    9. Age Raises Infertility Risk in Men, Too

      On playgrounds across the country, it's getting tougher to tell who's watching the kids -- dad or granddad. Experts predict the trend of older fathers will continue creeping upward. Why the rise and, more importantly, at what cost? "The women set the baby-making agenda," says Harry Fisch, MD, direct

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    10. Mother, May I? Late Motherhood Emerges

      When actress Geena Davis gave birth to twins earlier this year, her age -- nearly 48 at the time -- became the bigger story. Likewise, a swell of publicity surrounded Elizabeth Edwards, wife of recent vice presidential candidate John Edwards, when it was learned that she too got pregnant at age 48,

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