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    The Fertility Diaries: 3 Friends, 3 Paths to Pregnancy

    An Easy Pregnancy continued...

    "We're not froufrou people — the nursery isn't going to have a theme or a mural on the wall," says Carrie. "We're going to paint the walls a color and put in a crib and a dresser and call it a day. And we'll go into the hospital with small lists of names we like, and then decide what seems right." Carrie admits that after seeing the painful losses her friends had experienced, she might have been procrastinating on the baby preparations a little because she knew how unexpectedly things could go wrong. But for the most part, she says, taking the onset of parenthood in stride is just in her nature; as one of six children, and having seen seven nieces and nephews come into the world, she's very used to babies.

    Her conversations with Jody and Jenny didn't revolve exclusively around babies, pregnancy, and fertility, either. "When we had lunch at Friday's right before the holidays, for example, most of our discussions were about things like Jody redoing her house and Jen getting ready to host Christmas," Carrie says. "We all ooh and aah over Nora because she's so happy and so much fun, but we're busy women with full lives, and we do have a lot to talk about other than pregnancy and babies."

    Still, watching all the difficult experiences that her friends were going through definitely gave Carrie a new perspective on her pregnancy.

    Carrie: I've learned a lot. Until you know someone who's gone through something like this and have seen how it affects them, you don't realize how it totally changes your life. I've had what might be considered an easy pregnancy, but for somebody who's normally a very active person, to not be able to do the things you normally do, or to sleep through the night, or to feel like yourself — it takes a toll. If I had a rough pregnancy, I know that Jen and Jody would be understanding and listen to me complain and give me suggestions to help. But as smoothly as things are going for me, I'd never complain about my pregnancy to them. When I get in a bad mood, knowing everything they've gone through reminds me how lucky I am.

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