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    Fertility Diaries: They Dreamed of Motherhood Together

    Lessons in Motherhood continued...

    Fortunately, Carrie's father appears to be headed for a full recovery. "He was really lucky. He realized he was having problems and went to the hospital. If he hadn't, he probably wouldn't have survived," she says. "Because I'm an optimist, I see a positive side to all of this: I am so grateful to have a close family that enjoys being with each other. It may sound cheesy, but I love my family!"

    No sooner did Carrie emerge from that wrenching experience than she faced another: going back to work after maternity leave — a decision that left her feeling torn and aching to spend more time with her baby girl. When Payton was 12 weeks old, Carrie returned to her work in marketing, leaving her daughter in the day-care center she'd chosen after meticulous research.

    Carrie: The first day, I kept wanting to call and see how she was doing, but I didn't want to hover. It's hard to be away from her, so I'm looking for a part-time position within my company. She's so much fun, and we had such a good time together during my maternity leave. The first month is hard with a new baby, and the second month you feel like you're figuring things out. And then the third month, it's really fun. I can't wait until Jenny and Jody and I can all go out with our babies!

    Hoping for the Best

    And when they do all go out with their babies, it will be three moms and three daughters. In mid-April, at their 17-week ultrasound appointment, Jody and her husband, Scott, 32, learned that they, too, were expecting a little girl. They've already chosen her name: Zoe Roze.

    Redbook Image of Pregnant Mother

    Jody: This was the anatomy scan, where they check the whole body: brain, feet, toes, liver, kidneys — everything. It was such a relief to see that everything was normal. When they asked if we wanted to know the sex, we said, "Yes!!!" They said, "She's a girl." I was so excited! Since this will be our only child — unless God has other plans, because I'm not going through all the infertility treatments and IVF again — I'm glad it's a girl. Scott was hoping for a boy at first, but now everything is like, "This is for baby girl!" The other day he said, "We're going to get her ears pierced when she's old enough and get her diamond-stud earrings." I said, "Hey, baby girl's mom doesn't have diamond-stud earrings!"

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