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    1. Irregular Periods and Getting Pregnant

      WebMD explains the causes of infertility and offers tips for getting pregnant.

    2. GIFT and ZIFT

      WebMD explains GIFT and ZIFT, two alternatives to in vitro fertilization, including their success rates and costs.

    3. Understanding Infertility -- the Basics

      WebMD's guide to the causes of infertility in men and women.

    4. Your Pre-Pregnancy Checkup

      To ensure you have a healthy pregnancy, many experts now recommend that women start seeing an obstetrician before they become pregnant for pre-pregnancy or preconception care. Find out from WebMD what's involved.

    5. Tobacco, Marijuana, and Other Drugs

      Smoking and drug use may cause infertility in both men and women.

    6. Mumps in Men After Puberty

      Symptoms and complications of mumps in men.

    7. Ejaculation Disorders in Men

      Ejaculation disorders are common sexual problems in men. Find out more.

    8. Tubal Cannulation

      WebMD explains tubal cannulation, a procedure that can improve a woman's chances of becoming pregnant by clearing a blockage in the fallopian tubes.

    9. Infertility and Men

      WebMD explains the causes, tests, and treatments for infertility in men.

    10. Fertility Tests for Men

      Find out what kinds of tests men need to get to find out why they may have some fertility concerns, including sperm analysis and genetic testing.

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