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    Patented Massage Treatment Shows Promise in Difficult-to-Treat Cases
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    Oct. 23, 2002 -- Stacy Virtue had all but given up the idea of having a baby when she sought help for constant pain from endometriosis a year and a half ago. She had been told she would never be able to get pregnant, and one doctor even recommended that the 27-year-old have a hysterectomy.

    "When I started the treatment they told me I might get pregnant, but I laughed," the Hot Springs, Fla., woman tells WebMD. "Two months later I was pregnant. I couldn't believe it."

    The treatment Virtue had was a pelvic massage technique developed by a husband-wife team in Gainesville, Fla. Massage therapist Larry Wurn and his wife, Belinda, who is a physical therapist, say they have a success rate of close to 50% with their technique -- roughly double that seen with many established assisted-reproduction procedures.

    They say the intensive massage therapy is highly effective for clearing blocked fallopian tubes and can also help women with other infertilities caused by adhesions. And they say that 25 babies either have been or will soon be born to the roughly 50 infertile women who have had the treatment.

    But at this point, the claim of a 50% success rate is based solely on anecdotal reports. A spokesperson for the national infertility group RESOLVE says that good studies are needed to verify the claims. The Wurns' findings have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal, but they say they hope to do so within the next year.

    "Until a procedure is proven effective in good, controlled studies, there is no way to know if it has merit," says Diane Clapp, RN, who is director of medical information for RESOLVE. "This is such a vulnerable population. They are often willing to try anything, and that's why studies are so important."

    Larry Wurn tells WebMD he began treating infertile women with the technique almost by accident, when a patient seeing him for pelvic pain became pregnant.

    "She told us her tubes had been blocked for seven years," he says. "Then a doctor referred another lady to us who had been infertile for three years and she ended up having twins. When that happened, the doctor sent his own wife to us."

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