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    New Method for Predicting IVF Success

    Researchers Look at 52 Factors to Estimate Chances of Success From in Vitro Fertlization

    Predicting IVF Success: Second Opinion

    The new model is termed an improvement by Andrew R. La Barbera, PhD, scientific director of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Birmingham, Ala., who reviewed the report for WebMD.

    ''This model certainly improves the ability to inform patients of the likelihood of them conceiving after IVF," he says. Further research is needed, he says, to make the predictions more reliable.

    And he has this caveat about the new model: "It does not provide an accurate prediction in all cases. This model correctly predicts outcome more frequently than the test based on age."

    The new model, La Barbera says, takes variables and data that experts often discuss as playing a role in IVF success and plugs them into the prediction.

    IVF in the U.S.

    About 1% of newborns born in the U.S. annually are IVF babies, according to Yao.

    If fertility problems exist, she writes, IVF treatment ''offers the highest live birth rate per treatment cycle."

    Even so, she says, the decision to pursue more treatment after the initial attempt fails is a difficult one due to high costs and an ''uncertain prognosis."

    Her model, she says, aims to provide a tool that can provide both an evidence-based and personalized prediction of the chances of a live birth from an IVF cycle.

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