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    Kurt Ullman, RN, BSPA, MHA

    Kurt Ullman is a long-time RN and medical writer. He holds an associate degree in nursing from Purdue University as well as a bachelor's degree in public affairs-mass communications media and a master's in health administration, both from Indiana University.

    He has 10 years of experience as an RN, mostly in psychiatry. He has also worked for six years as a staff writer and editor in radio, television, magazines, and newspapers. Since beginning as a medical writer in 1985, he has had well over 100 articles published in magazines as diverse as RN, Cardiology World News, and Law and Order. He is currently a contributing editor at Firehouse magazine.

    Other writing he has done includes materials for a patient-teaching database, a weekly newspaper column for syndication by the Indiana University Medical Center, and Best Practice Guidelines for a hospital chain in the Midwest.

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