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    Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

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    Clinical trials are a way to try new medications and treatments that researchers are testing. The goal is to find out how well these treatments work and what side effects they could have.

    People with lung cancer who participate in lung cancer clinical trials get the most effective therapy that’s already available, or they may receive new lung cancer treatments that are being tested for future use.

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    You can ask your doctor to help you find a clinical trial, what’s involved, and what to consider -- for instance, if you’d need to travel to take part. You can also check these websites for information.

    Eviti Clinical Trials

    This website, developed by the nonprofit Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups, is the leading cancer clinical trial search engine. You can search for cancer trials based on disease and location.

    National Cancer Institute

    This website lists more than 6,000 cancer clinical trials and explains what to do when you find one that you think is right for you.

    This website, a service of the National Institutes of Health, is a database of clinical studies worldwide.


    This web site lists industry-sponsored clinical trials that are recruiting patients.

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